We are a multidisciplinary business specialising in the provision of integrated solutions in the construction industry, adapted to the specific and individual needs of each client.

We supply services for the execution of refurbishment and rehabilitation works, fitting out and Design&Build.
We have proven experience and specialise in: Design of Office Space, corporate, rest-room, commercial and hotel space.

We have an established company structure that is the benchmark for the sector, with over 2,000 projects completed in our more than 35 year history.

We operate on a national level, adhering to the highest standards for quality and excelence.


  • Specialists in the fitting out of spaces.
  • Versatile. We adapt to any situation.
  • Agreements with top of the range Brands.
  • Functional Furnishings.

Specialists in spaces

We are specialists in the fitting out of spaces for any type of use. At CHAVSA we have agreements with the finest brands of furnishings that let us fit out all types of spaces, adapting them to the aesthetic, functional and financial requirements of the customer.

Functional Furnishings.

The furnishings change and adapt to the latest social and professional changes, which is the reason that our professionals constantly seek products that allow us to supply innovative solutions on our installations.

The Guarantee that comes from Experience

We have experience over more than 35 years of the execution of works, guaranteeing the fulfilment of the delivery dates agreed along with the highest quality in their execution, with a personalised and friendly approach, always prioritising the satisfaction of our customers

Small and Large-scale Refurbishments

We carry out minor refurbishments up to major works projects. Although we work all over the country, we are more price competitive in Western Andalusia, the Costa del Sol, Madrid and Barcelona. We are accustomed to working in stages with tight completion times in establishments that remain open and without affecting the activity of the property, adapting our working hours and conscious of the needs of the customer and their employees.

Integrated Solutions

CHAVSA places 35 years´ experience at the disposal of customers, supplying integrated, innovative and exclusive solutions.

The design of office space should reflect the values, attitudes, work, etc. of the company. At CHAVSA, we are specialists in supplying work environments with character and professionalism, based on the concepts of well-being and that transmit feeling. We are passionate about the creation of spaces that have soul.

Supplying an Identity

Working in a professionally designed environment is a guarantee of success, harmony, well-being, productivity and motivation. We seek to suply designs with their own identity.

Our team´s experience guarantees projects that fully meet the needs of our customer, incorporating important concepts such as delivery, cost and design.

We will be your sole point of contact in the carrying out of your project, starting from the initial ideas, up to the completed fitting out, taking charge of the design of the space, the drafting of the project, the applications for permits and licences, the execution of the work and the final fitting out.


We undertake each and every one of our projects, meeting the standards established by the customer.


We assume the aims, wishes and dreams of the customer as if they were ours.


We promote a close relationship on a day-to-day basis so that we become a partner who can be relied on at all times.


We are always shoulder-to-shoulder with the customer to help them to meet their requirements.


We anticípate changes in the surroundings and help the customer to make them.


We have respect for society, the natural environment, as well as the people who make up our team and those of our customers and partners.

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For the Design and Refurbishment of Offices, keeping on top of the most recent trends as well as new ways of working is fundamental to working hand-in-hand with our customers, which also provides the best solutions to their requirements. Concepts including the optimisation of space, well-being, efficiency and sustainability… lead naturally to an increase in productivity, performance and the level of contentment of staff. We have designed, constructed and fitted out offices in all fields in company with our customers, with concepts that are fulfilling, together with a construction that astounds to achieve spaces that transmit enthusiasm as a result.

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The successful achievement of the overlap of the execution of the work with the day-to-day activity of the hotel while ensuring the fulfilment of delivery dates have become our priority aims on jobs in this sector. Both of these are the features most appreciated by our customers, along with a first-class finish with the highest standards of quality. The aim of CHAVSA is to exceed initial expectations while making our customer´s ideas into reality, aligning ourselves with them in the idea of creating spaces that are exciting and support our commitment and vocation for Service, Innovation and Excellence.

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Health Sector

Our range of experience within the health sector is our guarantee, our particular qualification in hospitals and clinics in both the public and private fields standing out, meeting the requirements of our customers, combined with the fulfilment of the standards required and the experience of our team, which allow us to guarantee rapid and efficient completion in the obtaining of the relevant permits and licences necessary to starting the activity. What is important to our customers becomes our priority, as a result of which, we provide a personalised and permanent monitoring on each job.

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Family Homes

Building a house is one of the most important decisions taken in life and therefore we deal with the projects entrusted to us with the greatest possible seriousness and responsibility. We stand out because of our capacity for converting every project into something that is totally unique. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality for the execution of every project, while making the design ideas into a reality, strictly controlling the detail and the finish. Completion dates are of particular importance and their fulfilment is one of our main aims. Rigorous planning and the fluid communications with which we approach each project, allow us to avoid any setbacks that might lead to a delay.

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We work for your space

We design Offices, Hotels, Retail Spaces, Health Facilities and Residential Property

CHAVSA has introduced an Integrated Quality and Environmental Control System that is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 norms. Said system covers the following:
Design, construction, refurbishment furnishing and fitting out services. The integrated management of property and the development of corporate architectural solutions.