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Founded in 1983CHAVSA was born with the vocation of providing all of the services necessary for the construction of the spaces imagined by our customers. In the course of our professional career, we have grown by creating multi-talented teams that allow us to now provide a global service of the highest quality in construction of all types of spaces (offices, hotels, residential property, health facilities and retail space).
Our aim of satisfying the customer, has lead to us developing an internal system of quality control within our team (comprising of architects, engineers and construction professionals with over  35 years of experience) that acts as a consultancy to highlight any potential problems and adapt to any situation to ensure, above all, the strict fulfilment of delivery dates and the quality of processes and finishes, guaranteeing total respect for sustainability and the natural environment.
Our aim is to contribute two elements to the construction business that since its beginnings have been the distinguishing feature for our way of working, quality and trust.
Our ongoing communication and after sales service have made us into the friendly and sincere builder in which major companies have placed their trust over so many years.



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Simón Chávarri

Simón Chávarri de la Fuente studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Seville and then went on to study for an MBA at the San Telmo International Institute.
He then worked in the USA for the Ford Company.
Chavarri, at the moment is the General Manager of Chavsa, a company that provides, Design, Construction, Fitting Out and Property Management solutions, specialising in the development of interior spaces for commercial offices and other premises.
He is also President of Cactus Soluciones Energéticas, an energy services company that provides integrated solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency and the operation of facilities.