Design and Fitting Out of Coworking Spaces


We are reinventing the concept of office space: models for office spaces for the future and for coworking 

At CHAVSA we are working with the finest furniture brands, which allows us to adapt to the requirements of the latest trends in the design of office space: coworking office spaces.

We adapt the design of multi-purpose office space rearranging the distribution of the various areas and studying the lighting and soundproofing in a flexible manner to be able to adapt each space to the needs of those working there.

We are designing shared work-spaces so that the coworkers get a unique work experience, encouraging their productivity and interaction without forgetting the matter of individual privacy.


What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are offices that are designed so that different independent professionals, freelancers, SMEs and the self-employed share work space. This philosophy of working goes beyond the mere sharing of an office and seeks to encourage cooperation between coworkers to create relationships between professionals in different sectors and specialisms that help to boost their creativity and productivity

What is a Coworker?

Coworkers are professionals from different fields who choose coworking spaces as their place of work. The most common coworker profile is that of independent professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and remote workers who need a place where they can carry out their professional activity without the need to rent a complete office. With the increase in remote working, many professionals prefer to look for shared work-spaces that are specifically designed to boost productivity instead of working from home.


What type of coworking spaces are available?

  • Traditional or Exchange coworking: are those spaces designed so that independent professionals can work and share ideas with people working in other fields. Their design is orientated towards the exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise between coworkers, while respecting their individuality and privacy with spaces for working individually.
  • Coworking for startups: these are work-spaces intended to host entrepreneurs whose businesses are at the development stage or have a short life-span. These spaces are often shared by different start-ups and serve as incubators that encourage their collaboration.
  • Specialist coworking: a special shared work-space option is that whose design is on the basis of a specific activity. As a result, spaces are created for sectors such as IT, design, online stores…
  • Coworking for events: these spaces are designed for particular events or activities where the exchange of ideas is encouraged or the space is used for meetings.

How is a coworking space designed?

Shared work-spaces require specific designs on the basis of their purpose. In this way, individual work-spaces, meeting areas and rest areas are adapted.


It is recommended that coworking spaces be located in areas with excellent public transport links. It is also recommended that there should be shops, restaurants and other establishments nearby.

Distribution of zones

Coworking spaces require different function zones. On the one hand, those working there need individual spaces to work in without distractions or noise. Furthermore, there should also be meeting zones to encourage cooperation and collaboration among users. Finally, the coworking space should have rest areas and others for more informal meetings.

Interior design

The design possibilities are varied but should always be focused on encouraging productivity and creativity. At CHAVSA, we offer solutions that are adapted for each space to meet the needs of the customer.


Coworking spaces require furniture that is able to meet the various needs of the coworkers. The furniture should be versatile and mobile to be able to be adapted to different situations. It should also be ergonomically designed so that users are comfortable and their productivity is boosted. At CHAVSA, we work with the top of the range furniture brands to provide the most specific option for all of our customers.